Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Cookies Galore!

Just over 3 weeks to go until Christmas, but since we have been having quite mild weather, it hasn`t seemed very much like the build up for Christmas. To help with this lack of Christmas feeling last Sunday Alessio and I went into Zurich to sample some of the Christmas markets and of course the Samiclause parade. Before all of that we made Christmas cookies, I cheated and bought the already made dough but for Alessio he enjoyed just using the cookie shape cutters.

The experience went well and we bought more dough and will make another batch and more than likely bring them to Scotland as presents. I really like to see different Christmas markets and for the first time I will go to Nuremburg in germany for a visit.

Monday, 28 November 2011

365 Photo Challenge 259-268

Friday 4th November - Day 259

This is taken inKilchberg, the chimney you see is from the chocolate factory.
Saturday 5th November - Day 260

This can only be a painting from Alessio!
Sunday 6th November - Day 261


Monday 7th November - Day 262

I have been on a reading frenzy lately, these are just some of the books I have read. I enjoyed them all!
Tuesday 8th November - Day 263

Snack time at work!
Wednesday 9th November - Day 264

We have been blessed with such mild weather even now that it is nearly December. This is the park near us.
Thursday 10th November - Day 265

On St.Martins day we held our lantern walk with the parents and this was what awaited them when we returned!
Friday 11th November - Day 266

Visiting Aimee and kids she made this popcorn, a hit with all the kids!
Saturday 12th November - Day 267

Before we went to visit Luca and Andrea, Alessio and one of his poses.
Sunday 13th November - Day 268

Around this time each year you can go and make your own candles, very popular idea and good for presents.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Juker Farm - Christmas Market

Last weekend we visited the Christmas market at Jucker farm with Aimee, Noah and Lily. It is only on for one weekend so the place very very busy. We walked down the lane with stalls on either side, but did we get a chance to look at anything! Not a chance with two boys running in front of us and waiting far ahead!

Dotted around were these lovely fires to stop and warm yourself up, it was not really too cold, but it still made the atmoshere just right!
Set up was the nativity scene, it looked lovely! We queued up for some food while the boys played in the petting zoo. Then they zoomed off to the giant haystack, therefore Aimee and I could enjoy some glühwein.

There was the usual types of food of offer from raclette, bratwurst, this fine fellow and there is a restaurant also.

The children could go on camel rides and husky dog racing, these dogs must be used to kids as they were all quite patient.

All in all it was a lovely afternoon, we walked to the train station at Aathal which is only a 20min walk, abeit uphill (only for a short section). We were rewarded with some beautiful skies on the way down, which I already posted.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

D for Doors

Now for the letter D and to be honest I like to take photos of doors, sometimes they can look lovely and interesting. Except for the last photo all the doors were taken in Zurich one Sunday afternoon and more or less in the same area. It is nice to wander around when you can enjoy and time is not an issue and really look at your surroundings. The last door is from Ferrette in Alsace which I visited in October.

The letter E, F and G I know what I will do but the letter I is a bit of problem. Any ideas! Greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Photos of the Week - Dark Skies!

Both photos were taken last Sunday as I left Jucker farm for there annual Christmas market. We walked to the train station at Aathal about 20min away and on the way I caught this glimpse of the sun disapearing, I quickly got out my camera and snapped away. I was not sure that I had caught what I really saw but when I put the photos on the computer, I really liked them. I could not decide which one to use so put both, the only slight difference is the cloud in photo 2 is darker.
Which one do you like? Let me know!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Ferrette - Alsace France

During the October holidays I visited my friend Alison and her family who live in Alsace, France. It was a short journey from Zurich (my first big drive since passing my test). This area in France is lovely and I always like to come here, on Sunday we visited Ferrette. We parked at the bottom of the hill and walked up, first passed the church.
The garden that you can just see is a herb garden, but is was not looking at its best.
The street we walked up was very pleasant with lots of lovely houses to see, like this one which is in fact a gite which is a holiday home for rental.

The ruined castle is 612m high and not much is left!

The views were just phenomenal, the mist was beginning to clear and we could only see in a certain direction.

Alessio and Lana enjoying a little snack with a view!

We walked back down the same street and to the car, it was a lovely town.