Monday, 30 January 2012

365 Photo Challenge 309-318

Saturday 24th December - Day 309

In Brechin about to go on the steam train ride with Alessio, Liam, Jamie and my dad.
Sunday 25th December - Day 310

Alessio looking at some of presents, also helping my dad cook.
Monday 26th December - Day 311

I can still remenber how it tastes this Baileys cheesecake!
Tuesday 27th December - Day 312

At the Christmas market in Edinburgh, there was a big fun fair too!
Wednesday 28th December - Day 313

At my aunt and uncle`s for lunch and this is their cat Dusty.
Thursday 29th December - Day 314

In St.Andrews for my birthday and the dentist!
Friday 30th December - Day 315

A view from my parent`s garden.
Saturday 31st December - Day 316

Walking into Broughty Ferry for some supplies!
Sunday 1st January 2012- Day 317

This is Gerry, he is my sister`s family dog, very lovable, excitable, he barks whenever the doorbell rings, just lovely!
Monday 2nd January 2012 - Day 318

On the way to the airport since it was quite early the sky looked amazing!
So nearly at the end of the challenge, am a bit behind in the posts but mid February it will all be over.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

G is for Green

I am up to the letter G now and thought I would choose green as I like it as a colour and there is usually lots of green around. The first photo is Alessio in the Park in Green, yes it is called that! The hotel is in Einsiedeln, looking at the Monastery, more wall art from the Rote Fabrik and finally a boat in on the Limmat in Zurich.

Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Photo of the Week - Enter if you dare!

This was taken in the restaurant Jschalp at the middle station on Jakobshorn in Davos, where I went for the weekend with Aimee. It is the entrance for the toilets and I found it quite amusing! It was a fun weekend with huge amounts of snow, another post to come soon.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Rote Fabrik

On my way into Zurich with the Bus I always pass the Rote Fabrik (Red Factory) and I kept on meaning one day to walk around to see all the wall art. Finally in the last weekend of November Alessio and I went for a few hours. Last year saw its 30 years anniversary, the building itself was an old mill and is now an cultural centre.

Lot of fascinating pictures of on the walls to look at, and playground to keep the kids happy. In summer you can sit outside and enjoy the lake, sipping a cuppuccino or beer.

I like this one with the rocket blasting off!
There are also lots of cultural events going on like exhibitions, theatre, music bands and discussions. I have been a couple of times to see bands play.
Check out the trainers hanging!

Tall chimney which you do not often see anymore.
Well worth for a walk around and, maybe there is something on you like too, if not then stop for a drink!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

365 Photo Challenge 300 - 308

Thursday 15th December - Day 300

In Wadenswil at a playground with the kids from work.
Friday 16th December - Day 301

In Zurich wandering around.
Saturday 17th December - Day 302

Zurich and the Christmas lights!
Sunday 18th December - Day 303

My garden full of snow!
Monday 19th December - Day 304

In Zurich again last minute present buying!
Tuesday 20th December - Day 305

Snow just kept coming and coming!
Wednesday 21st December - Day 306

A bit of Christmas in the house!
Thursday 22nd December - Day 307

The Christmas present Alessio made at Kindergarten for me!
Friday 23rd December - Day 208

In Kilchberg before we left for Scotland!
Trying to catch up on the 365 post!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Edinburgh Words

While in Scotland over the Christmas period I spent the day in Edinburgh, I always like to come for the day. I was lucky because it was one of the few days where it was actually sunny! While walking around I saw lots of old signs, shop names and other bits and bobs. I thought it would be a fun post, the normal sights will be in another post later on in January.

I do like the some of the pub names and the last photo was at the Christmas market I stopped for a glüewein and saw the really cute sign. I wished I had eaten one of though toasties as I was seriously hungry.