Wednesday, 8 February 2012

365 Photo Challenge 319-328

Tuesday 3nd January 2012 - Day 319

On a walk with the kids from work when we still had normal temperatures!
Wednesday 4rd January 2012 - Day 320

A duck on the lake!
Thursday 5th January 2012 - Day 321

A walk in the pouring rain and I mean pouring rain!
Friday 6th January - Day 322

Zurich at night!
Saturday 7th January - Day 323

In a bar called Big Ben in Zurich!
Sunday 8th January - Day 324

Again at night in Zurich
Monday 9th January - Day 325

A shop window in Zurich.
Tuesday 10th January - Day 326

All the drawings from Alessio on our fridge.
Wednesday 10th January - Day 327

At the library in Horgen.
Thursday 12th January - Day 328

My co-worker Jasmina and the cake she baked at work with the kids!
Not long now until the year is up for this photo challenge!

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