Thursday, 16 February 2012

365 Photo Challenge 329 - 338

Friday 13th January - Day 329

Another cake at work, this time made by Charlotte and the kids.
Saturday 14th January - Day 330

In Zurich walking around enjoying the sun!
Sunday 15th January - Day 331

This is a theatre you can see a show, but now gone.
Monday 16th January - Day 332

With Alessio in at a park, I just love these views!
Tuesday 17th January - Day 333

Walking around the Au penisula with the kids from work.
Wednesday 17th January - Day 334

A plane in the sky.
Thursday 19th January - Day 335

In Kilchberg.
Friday 20th January - Day 336

Again taken in Kilchberg.
Saturday 21st January - Day 337

In Davos, so much snow, who knows how much there is now!
Sunday 22nd January - Day 338

Again Davos walking around the town area.

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