Saturday, 11 February 2012

Lake Davos

At the end of January Aimee and I had a weekend away in Davos, this was before the ice cold temperatures, thank goodness! Davos is the highest town in Europe at 1560m and takes between 2 to 3 hours travelling from Zurich. Our hotel was on Lake Davos so we took the opportunity to walk around it. It was about 4km so that is more or less one hour, and as we started to walk the sun came out!
Aimee feeling happy jumped in the snow and did a snow angel!
This is our hotel from afar, little did we know that I had booked into a Christian hotel, which meant no alcohol (we brought our own) and all locked up after 8pm.

A part of the walk was through the trees and with all this snow on the branches we had to be careful not to have a lump of snow fall on us. (it got me a biggish ball and it did hurt)
Yes you can learn to surf!

This we saw on the way back an art exhibition of wooden sculptures, very interesting!

The next day started grey and cloudy, nevertheless we went up Jacobshorn to the top but could not see anything at all, so came back down again and had something small to eat in the restaurant.

Davos was getting ready for WEF World Economic Forum so lots of building was going on. We walked up and down the main street looking at the shops and building, enjoying the sun when it appeared in the late afternoon.

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