Monday, 27 February 2012

Nancy City Words

Last weekend I went to Nancy, France with my friend Arlene and two teenagers India and Natalie. Nancy is in the region called Lorraine around up to 4 hours driving from Zurich, keeping more or less to the speed limits. I did a post on words about Edinburgh and quite liked the idea, that I will continue to do on other cities I will visit.

The first two photos are taken in the main square Place Stanislas. Just off the square you come to an area with lots of restaurants and bars, which we checked out for later that evening. We ate in the one with a cow wearing a hat and a bottle of wine!

There was lots of interesting buildings to gaze at and lots of lovely shops which we did not go into. Le Petit Theatre was in fact a men`s barber place, which I thought was kind of cool! Homemade drinks in a bar we passed, it did look quite nice. The last was our hotel right in the main shopping street and near to the train station. It was quite good and only 35 euros per person, we got a welcome drink and a free packed lunch, not bad!

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  1. Great idea for a post and some lovely photos. I must try and be more observant when I am out and about.