Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Winter Walk in Au

Today was to be our Forest Day at work, but after a few message to the other Kindergarten teacher, we decided that 5 hours in the forest in this weather was not a good idea. So a walk would suffice, which the children were just as happy with as a few were feeling cold after 30mins.
This is what the children did "Tree Art", a piece of string tied around a tree and they had to find sticks to put squeeze under the string. Everyone participated finding sometimes rather large and long sticks!

The children were also fascinated with the frozen pond and trying to throw sticks, stones and pine cones to see if it would break.
A nice thought for the birds, it gave us the idea to do that too!

The tree is partly frozen in the pond, quite interesting to see. I like to walk around the Au Penisula, so much to see and do in all types of weather.

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