Friday, 30 March 2012

Kilchberg Farm

One lovely sunny Monday afternoon in March Alessio and I visited the farm which is situated at the top of Kilchberg. It is quite small, but very nice, there is a small shop to buy local produce I showed some of the photos of the apples in a different post.There is a small sand pit and the toys belong to the farm Alessio enjoyed himself for ages and there were only a few kids around. I enjoyed lapping up the sun!

Then we walked around the farm and saw all these cute animals, I liked the guinea pigs. You only need about a hour but it is a pleasant way to spend some time in the sun and children always love to see animals.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Photo of the Week - Mini Switzerland

Last Sunday Alessio and I went all the way to Swiss Miniature in Melide, he found it all every interesting and was running around all over the place. I saw lots of places that I would like to visit in reality now. Then I saw this, set in the mountains there are some musicians playing the Alpine Horn and the others participating Schwingen which is the traditional Swiss sport of Alpine wrestling. More to come later of the whole afternoon we spent there.

Monday, 26 March 2012

365 Photo Challenge - Days 356 to 365

Friday 10th February - Day 357

Fish tank at my work!
Saturday 11th Feb - Day 358

In Zurich this is the famous toy store Franz Carl Weber.
Sunday 12th Feb - Day 359

In Papiliorama I think this is in the butterfly section.
Monday 13th Feb - Day 360

Back in the cold times this fountain attracted lots of admiration.
Tuesday 14th Feb - Day 361

Valentine Day!
Wednesday 15th Feb - Day 362

A boat on the Lake Zurich!
Thursday 16th Feb - Day 363

The view from the back of my work of Au Penisula.
Friday 17th Feb - Day 364

Alessio giving the birds some food!
Saturday 18th Feb - Day 365

In Nancy, France for the weekend!
So this is the last post for the 365 Photo Challenge and I will not be doing another one in the near future.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Forest Time

The first forest day of the year with the children from work, it was really a lovely day. This is the wagon the children like to take turns to pull (with our help), it is full of all the necessary stuff needed for a day in the forest.
We light a fire and start grilling the sausages another thing the kids like to see, they also have a long stick to grill their own sausage.

This cave near by is another gem the kids like to walk through and talk about ghosts!
We are right next to lake and have the best of both worlds!

It is always a fun time when we have our forest day!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Transport Museum Lucerne

This trip was with the children from work at the end of February and we had wonderful weather for it. As always the Transport Museum is hit with all children with so much to see and do. I liked the train section and we got lucky and a guide who is a retired train driver showed the children some of the insides of the trains.

There is a huge area with children can pretend to be construction workers, they can wear hard hats, waistcoats and use all the tools and implements available. We spent about a hour there letting the children enjoying themselves.
The next section we saw was the vehicule section, they have a special theatre in which 4 vehicules are picked and the audience can select which one they want to hear about, by pressing a buzzer. The children liked that bit too!

We went into the boat section and then onto the aircraft section and went on the large plane. This was also interesting for the children to see old planes, helicopters and other aircraft related items.

Finally came the time to go back, we all had a great time, well worth a visit more than once.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Photo of the Week - Fluttering Bird

I took the photo in a playground with Alessio in Zurich, I saw all these birds eating and just took a photo. Then afterwards I saw the bird with the wings and thought that it was good that I could catch that. Now I just saw that I caught part of a bird at the top of the photo, too.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Concert Time - Noel Gallagher

Last Thursday my friend Aimee and I went to the sold out Noel Gallagher `s High Flying Birds concert. The support band was called Folks also British, but around 9pm he came on stage. I had seen him when he was still with Oasis which was also a great concert.
His new album is great I like all the songs expecially Everybody`s on the Run, If I Had a Gun and AKA..What a Life!. He also played some Oasis songs the ones I recognized were Supersonic and the last song he played was Don`t Look Back in Anger.

If you have a chance to see him he do a great performance!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

J is for Juice (apple)

The apples were at the farm in Kilchberg that Alessio and I spent an afternoon there having fun (more about that on a later post). You can buy fresh apple juice made from the apples on the farm and other things too, like fresh milk.