Saturday, 17 March 2012

365 Photo Challenge 348 - 356

Wednesday 1st February - Day 348

The slide at my work.
Thursday 2nd February - Day 349

In Technorama with the children from work.
Friday 3rd February - Day 350

Someone made a smiley face on my car window!
Saturday 4th February - Day 351

In Zurich riding on a tram.
Sunday 5th February - Day 352

In the back garden on a very cold day, now that we have better weather, it is hard to remember it was once -15.
Monday 6th February - Day 353

These are Moon boots and they belong to Andrea, my sister in law, lovely colour!
Tuesday 7th February - Day 354

At Arlene`s house having a nice Tuesday evening gossip!
Wednesday 8th February - Day 355

This has been made by Alessio my 5 year old son, hard to believe!
Thursday 9th February - Day - 355

Walking in Au, it was amazing to see the tree stuck in the frozen pond!

So only 9 more photos to post for the end of the challenge!

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