Monday, 26 March 2012

365 Photo Challenge - Days 356 to 365

Friday 10th February - Day 357

Fish tank at my work!
Saturday 11th Feb - Day 358

In Zurich this is the famous toy store Franz Carl Weber.
Sunday 12th Feb - Day 359

In Papiliorama I think this is in the butterfly section.
Monday 13th Feb - Day 360

Back in the cold times this fountain attracted lots of admiration.
Tuesday 14th Feb - Day 361

Valentine Day!
Wednesday 15th Feb - Day 362

A boat on the Lake Zurich!
Thursday 16th Feb - Day 363

The view from the back of my work of Au Penisula.
Friday 17th Feb - Day 364

Alessio giving the birds some food!
Saturday 18th Feb - Day 365

In Nancy, France for the weekend!
So this is the last post for the 365 Photo Challenge and I will not be doing another one in the near future.


  1. Well done, quite an achievement. I don't think I will try to emulate you though!

  2. Greats shots Em!

    Loooove that fountain in every season, it is one of my absolute favorites in Zurich! I love that whole little courtyard. I often make a point of walking a bit further just so I can walk through there :-)

    And I love that they went back to Franz Carl Weber!! I never understood why they changed it to Kids Town. Welcome back, Herr Weber :-D