Monday, 5 March 2012

February Books and Films

This February I again managed to read 3 books and see 3 films, so in no particulare order I start with Safe House set in Cape Town, South Africa it has to do with a CIA agent gone traitor to his country selling secrets and all that. Denzil Washington play the bad guy or is he and Ryan Renolds the CIA agent stuck behind 4 walls wanting to be a field agent but not getting the chance until now. Someone is trying to get Denzil Washington`s character and the infomartion he has on him and Ryan Renolds has to keep him alive. Good action movie a little violent at times.

Next up is War Horse a very moving film about a young man and his horse. With WWI looming the horse is taken by the army to help in the war effort. The story sees the different owners of the horse on his journey and how everyone is very attached to him. On interesting note I had not realised that horses played a huge role during WWI. I very much enjoyed this film, shed a tear or two as well.

Finally I saw Tinker Taylor Solider Spy set during the early 70s it centres around the premise there is a Soviet agent in MI6. Trying to find out who it is, is George Smiley (Gary Oldman) who enlists the help of other agents. The story is also told in flashbacks, the title names are codenames given to the possible moles. The book was written by John Le Carre. I also liked it but you had to pay attention to all the information otherwise you would get mixed up.

The first book was The Stars`Tennis Balls by Stephen Fry, it begins in the 80s about a young man called Ned who has it all, good looking, a famous dad (MP) and a nice girlfriend called Portia. Some of his so called friends are a bit jealous of him and do something that will change his entire life forever. I thought it was ok, nothing special.

Then I read Black Coffee by Agatha Christie for the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge which I will review soon. I did enjoy it a lot.

Lastly, Running in Heels by Anna Maxted this is about two women Babs and Natalie who have been friends since they were kids. Then for Natalie quite a lot of stuff happens to her, her best friend gets married, she gets dumped by her boyfriend, she loses her job and has eating problems. It is about how she gets through these life changing experience, quite funny and I enjoyed it.

What books or films have you read or seen? Let me know please always good to get recommendations.

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