Saturday, 3 March 2012

Horgen Fasnacht

Last Sunday we hopped on a train to Horgen to see the fasnacht parade, the first one (and only) for me this year. Alessio had a small parade with the Kindergarten in which he made a penguin mask.
Alessio was a cowboy this year with his pistol which he was firing everywhere, he enjoyed picking up the confetti on the ground. He collected it in his cowboy hat and then threw it all on me!
It was nice to hear the music, see the floats, the cool outfits and see all the kids dressed up.
It was a rather coolish day so after 1.5 hours we headed to see my friend Arlene for some warm food. Next year I will go to the Zurich parade as never seen it in all my years of living here!

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  1. It seems to have been a fun parade, though it does look pretty cold.