Saturday, 10 March 2012


During February Alessio and I took a trip to the Papiliorama in Kerzers, which is near to Bern. At the time the SBB had to good deal going and the whole thing including entrance was only 37ch. You change at Berne and the train to Kerzers is about 30mins and the stop is exactly at the place. I think these squirrels from Belize were my favorites of the whole place, so cute running up and down the branches. They also shared it with the bird with the yellow beak, I think it belongs to the chicken family.

Next up we went into the Jungle Trek and saw some animals behind glass and then some colourful birds and finally a medium sized lizard roaming around freely.

We also went to the Swiss butterfly gardens, now it is always lovely to see butterflies flying around but when you see 100s at once, it feels a little unnerving. I was afraid I might stand on one as they land everywhere and you may be looking at some on tree leaves and not see them on the ground.

No one was outside as it was cold but we went outdoors and the playground was really good and Alessio had a great time climbing and balancing.
We also visited the Nocturama which as the names suggests are animals that come alive during the night. It was the first exhibition we visited but you cannot take any photos. The first creature I saw was a sloth and then I felt something fly past me, not sure what it was we continued along. Then more things flew past right by my head and I may have become a bit like Mr Bean my hands and arms flapping all over the place. I felt really uncomfortable and started to worry it maybe bats or something worse. To be honest I could not enjoy this exhibition due to the worry of what the heck was swooping past me every too seconds.

So if you go there be warned!

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