Thursday, 22 March 2012

Transport Museum Lucerne

This trip was with the children from work at the end of February and we had wonderful weather for it. As always the Transport Museum is hit with all children with so much to see and do. I liked the train section and we got lucky and a guide who is a retired train driver showed the children some of the insides of the trains.

There is a huge area with children can pretend to be construction workers, they can wear hard hats, waistcoats and use all the tools and implements available. We spent about a hour there letting the children enjoying themselves.
The next section we saw was the vehicule section, they have a special theatre in which 4 vehicules are picked and the audience can select which one they want to hear about, by pressing a buzzer. The children liked that bit too!

We went into the boat section and then onto the aircraft section and went on the large plane. This was also interesting for the children to see old planes, helicopters and other aircraft related items.

Finally came the time to go back, we all had a great time, well worth a visit more than once.

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