Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bikes in Holland!

So just returned home from our Dutch trip took many photos and have been looking through them deciding which ones I like. I was amazed at just how many bikes there are in the cities and how fascinating some of them look. Some has crates front and back, some have baskets, bags,  many are decorated individually and of course kids can sit front and back. No one wears a helmet here which of course is not so good and people cycle and text at the same time. You have to really be careful crossing the roads more so for bikes than cars.


  1. My, that was quick! Some amazing bikes right enough - hope to do a post myself on bikes.

  2. We too were in Holland over Easter. I had the same experience as you. Forgot always that there were separate lanes for bikes and would be walking on them mistaking them for footpaths. Thank goodness I never got hurt..:-)