Friday, 6 April 2012

March - Books, Films and Concerts!

I managed to get through a number of books and films in March so lets start with the books:

I have already posted about this book by Agatha Christie called The Mystery of the Blue Train.

The Oxford Murders by Guillermo Martinez set in Oxford it tells the tale of an Argentinien mathematican who becomes involved in a series of strange murders.

Two chick lit books called Take a Chance on Me by Jill Mansell and My Single Friend by Jane Costello. Both books I have lent to a friend, but they were both very enjoyable reads.

Lastly These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach, the story behind me getting the book is that I read a review about it on my dad`s blog and decided I wanted to read it, but it has sat on my shelf for over a year now. Then I was going to see the film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel when I was told that it is based on this book so I quickly read it.

On to films now and I saw The Descendants with George Clooney, set in Hawaii, he plays a lawyer with 2 kids, his wife suddenly has a accident and is in hospital on life support. He then realizes that his life was not as easy and simple as he thought it was. A little bit heavy but good acting and it is worth seeing.

Shame starring Michael Fassbender set in New York he play a man with a secret sex addition, he is unable to have any kind of long relationship, he kind of has one is with his sister play by Carey Mulligan. Heavy subject matter but both main actors play their roles very well.

The I saw John Carter, easy going action romantic film about a solider from the American civil war gets transported to Mars.

Then The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel a bunch of British elderly people go to India to a retirement home. Lots of funny and sad stories follow, a good film to see.

Finally The Hungar Games having read all the books back to back last year, I was eager to see how the film would turn out. As with all films from books it is impossible to put everything in it but I did enjoy it a lot and look forward to see number 2. If you have not read the books then do as they are brilliant.

Last but not least I went to see Noel Gallagher and his band the High Flying Birds. A great concert and the album is brilliant, definitely try to listen to it.

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