Sunday, 29 April 2012

A View of The Hague

Walking into the Binnenhof
Knight`s Hall
Noordeinde Palace
A Lovely Tall Church
One of the few canals
Peace Palace
Escher Museum
Our day trip to The Hague took only 45mins by train from Amsterdam when we arrived it was grey and overcast, possibly would rain. It somehow matched my mood and I did not think much of The Hague so far. First of we explored the Binnenhof where the Dutch Government do their business of ruling the country.

Now the main reason to come to The Hague was to see the brilliant painting by Johannes Vermeer The Girl with The Pearl Earing. I have been determined to see it since I read the book and saw the film. We were lucky with our timing because it will see be going abroad, when we saw it, it was in the Prince William V Gallery. The painting was much smaller than I thought but quite amazing.

After a lovely lunch we walked around the shopping area, saw the Queens`s Palace, some lovely churches and buildings. The Hague does not have many canals but we did see a few.

We hopped on a tram which took us to the beach (another post) but stopped to look at The Peace Palace another amazing building, it houses the International Court of Justice. I would loved to have taken a tour which is possible but must be booked in advance.

Once we returned from the beach we stopped for coffee and cake, then walked on to see the former Royal Palace. there was a Queen Emma in the Netherlands and she resided here. It is now the Escher Museum. The sun had come out and my opinion of The Hague had greatly improved from the morning and we all really enjoyed our day exploring The Hague.


  1. My original plan was to visit The Hague and then Schveningen. Thanks to the rain(it was pouring cats and dogs) we changed our itenary to Rotterdam and Delft. You really cannot enjoy when it pours like crazy.

  2. Hi May well in the end I would say that I am glad to have seen The Hague, we were all disappointed with Scheveningen, it looked quite tacty, but it was great to see the North Sea. I will post about the beach later on. Thanks