Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Photo of the Week - Amsterdam

We are back to Amsterdam for this photo, taken in the outdoor area of the Hermitage, I like the play on words of the phrase. The museum is by the way very good and we enjoyed seeing the exhibition of Flemish painters. We saw this museum on the last morning of our stay, still have a few more post of our trip to Holland to post.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Coldplay in Zurich

On Saturday I went to the Coldplay concert here in Zurich, this was my third time to see them and everytime it is amazing. This was by far the largest concert I had been too 48,000 people but everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves. On this occasion they certainly out did themselves with the fireworks, balls, light show and of course the fantastic music. When we got into the stadium we were given a wristband which lights up with certain songs like Charlie Brown, it was really a wonderful sight to see them all lit up. The tickets get harder and harder to buy each time they have a concert here, so I am glad I managed to get them. I would go and see them again and again if I could. They played all their big hits like Yellow, Clocks, Fix You and then they played a song that I just adore called A Warning Sign from their second album, could not believe it when I heard them playing it.
There support bands were Rita Ora (who I did not hear) and Marina and the Diamonds which I would like to hear again.
If you ever get a chance to see Coldplay then do so!!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dublin Words

Last weekend saw myself in Dublin for a hen weekend for the lovely Hannah, we were a group of 11 ladies from all over the world. So to continue my series of words from the different cities I visit, here we go with Dublin. Of course there were plenty of pubs to chose from and all had great names. The street names are written in both English and Irish, I really liked the sign for the Little Museum of Dublin and would have liked to visit it as it was showing photos of the early days of U2.

I had to take the photo of the shop with my name and the last photo is a quote from Oscar Wilde which is next to his statue. While in Dublin we visited the Guinness Storehouse and I have lots of photos from that so will do a separate post, so the Guinness gate photo for will have to do for now!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Photo of the Week - Sun and Trees

This was taken back in the middle of April during the trip to the Botanical gardens with the kids from my work. After visiting the gardens we walked a short distance to a playground, where we stayed for around one hour. While there I noticed the sky, sun and trees positioned myself lying on the slide and took around five shots and I liked this one the best. The kids thought it was funny that I was on the slide lying and decided that they would be doctors and I there patient!

This weekend is going to be a great one as I have tickets to see Coldplay in Zurich, cannot wait!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

An Afternoon in Winterthur

Park in Winterthur
Hidden window
Nature Museum
Nature Museum
Nature Museum
Nature Museum
Grand entrance of Museum

Our afternoon in Winterthur took place on the 1st May as it was a holiday, I had been looking on the net for ideas to do with Alessio and somehow got on to a site about Winterthur and the museums. There are lots of museum in Winterthur, the only one I have been to is the Photography Museum which I enjoyed a lot.

I decided to visit the Nature Museum, it is housed in the same building as the Winterthur Museum of Art. We both enjoyed seeing all the exhibits, but espcially liked the one where you had to guess what spice or herb you were smelling, Alessio liked pressing the buttons.

There is also a children`s part called Keralas Kindermuseum which Alessio did not want to go in, children can climb, draw and do other things.

Afterwards we walked around the city for a short while and found a place to eat. Then as always we ended our afternoon at the a park which you can see from the first photo has some lovely statues. The playground was really good and Alessio had a great time for ages.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Photo of the Week - Personal Moment

Photo of the Week comes again from one of the many beaches in Scheveningen, walking along the beach I spotted these words and just managed to get the whole thing in a photo.

It is a long weekend here and many people take the friday off and go away for a long weekend, which is what I will do. It is off to Dublin with lots of ladies for a hen weekend, will be taking lots of photos, really looking forward to it!

Wishing everyone a great long weekend!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Scheveningen Beach

While we were in The Hague, we hopped on a tram and went to the seaside in Scheveningen which is a district of The Hague. I have always lived near to water, in Scotland, Spain, Greece and Switzerland. The waters ranged from seas, lakes and rivers even though I am not a swimmer I like to see and smell water.
So we were all pleased about going to see the beach, walk on the sand and maybe even paddle (my father the bravest).  We only walked along a part of the beach, there are 4 beaches and from far off we could see sand dunes. It was a windy day but the sun was out and there were plenty of people enjoying themselves. I have to say that the buildings on the esplanade and the pier looked quite unattractive, there are plenty of bars and cafes. As we walked on we saw that there is some kind of redevelopment going on and then we came upon this lovely lighthouse.
We were aiming to go to the port and stop for a coffee but we came to the wrong part of the port and did not see anywhere to sit down. So we hopped back in the centre and found a cafe there and enjoyed a well deserved rest with cake and coffee.