Monday, 7 May 2012

April Books and Films

I saw three films in April and we start with My Week with Marilyn starring Michelle Williams. It is a fab film and I enjoyed it very much. Based on the memoirs of Colin Clark, who as part of the film production for the film The Prince and The Showgirl got to know the iconic film star.

I also saw two action films Battle ship and The Wraths of the Titans, both were quite enjoyable.

As part of the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge I read two books with the colour red in the title. First there was Five Red Herrings by Dorothy L Sayers and then The Red House Mystery by A A Milne. Both will be reviewed separately at a later date.

My first book by Swedish writer Hakar Nesser called The Inspector and Silence. A crime story with Inspector Van Veeteren, a girl is found dead and there is a strange cult involved called The Pure Life.

Wildcat Moon by Babs Horton is set in The Skallies, not actually sure where that is, it is also a mystery, two children set about discovering the truth behind the disappearance of Thomas Greswode.

Two Anita Shreve books the first was, The Last Time They Met set in Toronto, Kenya and Massachusetts. It concerns Linda Fallon and Thomas Janes both are poets they have been lovers on and off forever. The book is in three parts, with each part telling how they met (again) and what happened to them during that time and in between times too.

The second Shreve book is called The Weight of Water, set around the coast of New Hampshire two Norwegian women are murdered in 1873. Back to present day and Jean a photo- journalist is researching the murder and is becoming quite involved in it. She also seems to be having her own worries and insecurities about her husband, which does not help the situation. Her husband is the Thomas in the first book which I did not realise until I had started reading. I enjoyed both books a lot, the first time I had read Anita Shreve.

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