Monday, 28 May 2012

Coldplay in Zurich

On Saturday I went to the Coldplay concert here in Zurich, this was my third time to see them and everytime it is amazing. This was by far the largest concert I had been too 48,000 people but everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves. On this occasion they certainly out did themselves with the fireworks, balls, light show and of course the fantastic music. When we got into the stadium we were given a wristband which lights up with certain songs like Charlie Brown, it was really a wonderful sight to see them all lit up. The tickets get harder and harder to buy each time they have a concert here, so I am glad I managed to get them. I would go and see them again and again if I could. They played all their big hits like Yellow, Clocks, Fix You and then they played a song that I just adore called A Warning Sign from their second album, could not believe it when I heard them playing it.
There support bands were Rita Ora (who I did not hear) and Marina and the Diamonds which I would like to hear again.
If you ever get a chance to see Coldplay then do so!!

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  1. They're good, but it seems like they're not trying new sounds and every song sounds like U2. I first heard Yellow when i received Coldplay tickets in my bth , Anyway, for me the whole Coldplay thing is too calculated. They jumped into the big stadium concerts thing right from the start and started their Vegas era pretty much from the day one, or at least very very soon.