Friday, 4 May 2012

M is for Magazines

I love to read magazines, although at the moment it is mainly travel ones. I get three magazines, they are The Sunday Times Travel, Conde Nast Traveller and Lonely Planet. The last one is quite new as while in Amsterdam airport I was searching for something to read and saw it. Now I have a subscription for it as you cannot buy in in Zurich.

I like them as they give ideas of places to visit, new museums that have opened up and bars with view to enjoy. This was the case in Amsterdam we went to the Sky Lounge on the 12th floor in the Hilton Hotel, this I found out about in the Sunday Times mag. It was a good tip, as the view was amazing and atmosphere in the bar was also great.

It is also nice just look at the lovely photos and wish you could visit some of these places, at least this year I have got quite a bit of travel on the horizon. The next trip is to Dublin for a long weekend with the girls looking forward to that as the last time I was there was over 20 years ago.

Wishing everyone a good weekend!

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