Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lugano by boat

Last weekend I went with my lovely friend Aimee to Lugano where we stayed overnight, the next morning we went with the Bernina Express bus to Tirano in Italy and then we took the Bernina Express train to Chur. I will post more on all that at a later date, but we were dead lucky with the weather. June had been a mixture of rain and shine but on our weekend it was hot, hot and hot!! We went by train to Lugano a little detour because of the rock slide near to the Gottard but we arrived around 3pm. Once we checked into our hotel we walked around the town and decided on a small boat tour. I had already done this before but ages ago and with it being hot, it felt like a good way to cool down. The boat passed the village of Gandria which looks lovely, and then onto the other side. One of the other stops is at San Rocco which also looked lovely, which we passed by on the bus the next day.

I will be back in Lugano in August so will do more posts on it then, but it is always lovely to come to the Italian part of Switerland for a weekend. You really feel like you are getting away from Zurich as it is so different.

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