Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bernina Express

This was back in the middle of June when I went with Aimee on the spectacular Bernina Express train journey from Tirano in Italy to Chur, Switzerland.

Once we left Tirano we came to the Brusio circular viaduct which is a 360- degree curve which allows the train to change heights in a very short space of time! Then we pass Lake Poschiavo which looked  lovely indeed, then passed the actual town itself and then we started to climb! The 4th photo is the view of Poschiavo and the lake, each time the train changed direction there was another photo opportunity.

Then we reach the station of Alp Grüm surrounded by the Palü Glacier and Lake Palü, sadly photos of the lake were blurred.

On to the highest part of the journey at Ospizio Bernina which lies at 2,253m. Then we come to Lago Bianco and Lei Nair the names refer to the colours of the lake water!

We then pass Pontresina and had a 15min stop, then came the Stazerwald moorland, which may have the waterfall you see in a photo.

We pass some very interesting looking town or villages which make you want to go back and visit them! Filisur and Thusis were such places but who knows if I will go back! Then we ride on the Landwasser Viaduct which is 136m long and the arches are 100m high.

We then came to castle land called Domleschg, which apparently has many castles in such a small area. Yet again the photos did not come out so good, taking through moving windows is not so easy!

Finally we reached Chur after 4.5 hours I think, it has been recognised by UNESCO World Heritage site. It was a great train journey and we were really lucky with the hot, sunny weather that we got such brilliant views of everything!

So if you fancy seeing some Swiss scenery this is certainly a great way to do it, I also reserved tickets from my Gemeinde so it only cost 40ch for the bus and train. Then the train back to Zurich was also in that ticket so great value for money. The trip can also be taken starting at Chur and finishing in Tirano, then you take the bus to Lugano.

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  1. Those are some lovely sights. I do like that waterfall!