Monday, 16 July 2012

Lugano to Tirano by bus

In the middle of June I went for a long weekend with Aimee to Lugano,where we stayed overnight, then by bus to Tirano in Italy on the Sunday. This is a very scenic route which takes you along the northern shores of Lake Lugano past towns such as Gandria and Porlezza. The onto Lake Como where the first two photos are taken, not sure which of the lovely villages it was, as they were all beautiful. Just a trip to those villages would have to be another excuse for a trip! We stopped in Sorico for 15mins and then on to Tirano which is practically at the border with Switzerland. It had many lovely places to see but with only one hour until our train left and feeling rather hungry we did not see that much. The whole journey takes 3 hours and the driver explains some of the places on the way. Then we found our train, our seats and awaited a fab journey through some wonderful places in Switzerland, post to come later!

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  1. We passed by Lugano on our way to Italy. We loved the Italian look of the houses. Didn't feel like Switzerland..:-)