Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Statues at Design Museum Zurich

The Swiss Design Museum (Museum für Gestaltung) situated very near to the Main station usually has lots of good exhibitions ranging from design, architecture, and art. I recently went to see two exhibitions there, the first was on 100 years of Swiss Design. I enjoyed that very much, it showed all the famous Swiss designs that we know and some we do not. The second one was on the Freitag bags and how the company started up, also I enjoyed that as I have my own Freitag bag.

Outside there is a fountain with four statues of men sitting, not sure what it is supposed to mean. It is a nice place to sit and contemplate life and next to it there is some stuff for kids to play. Lately I have been passing by on my way with Alessio to a park that is near here that we both like very much.

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