Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Day in Mahon, Menorca

Back in July Alessio and I went to Menorca for one week, there we met my parents, Elena and Mark and their kids Liam and Jamie. The last big family holiday was in Majorca so it was nice to see the smaller island next door so to speak!

On the Tuesday we all took a day trip to the capital Mahon which was quite near, once there we had a quick look at the shops. It was really to hot to walk around so we went straight to the port and onto one of the sightseeing boats. We thought this would interest the boys and keep then happy, the boat also had under water windows so everyone could the fish life.

The trip was one hour and we got a lovely breeze which was well needed and we saw lots of lovely sights. Once we landed we wandered off to find a place to eat, everyone enjoyed different tapas and a cool beer!

Then a quick wander around again before the heat sent us home and to the pool back at our resort. Alessio and I went to Mahon again as we flew from Sunday to Sunday from Zurich and the rest of the clan flew from Saturday to Saturday from Edinburgh. We transferred from the resort on Saturday morning to a beautiful hotel with wonderful views of the sea. Luckily our balcony had one of best views, as you can see of the night photo of the yachts. Alessio enjoyed the pool and I enjoyed sipping a prosecco from my balcony in the evening.

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