Sunday, 5 August 2012

Son Bou, Menorca

I returned one week ago from Menorca, having had a lovely family holiday in the resort of Son Bou about only 20 mins from the capital Mahon!

Alessio just loves to eat ice cream and can eat about 3 a day (more if he would be allowed!) The swimming area we most frequented was the one of the second photo, there the boys had great fun and us the adults watched them.

Our flat was quite basic but fine, I was on the ground floor, my sister and family above us and our parents next door. We mainly hung out in my flat for all our meals.

We ate in many different restaurants in the resort, most of them were ok, we tried some of the bars too. The last photo in an English place called The Kit Kat Bar where much to the enjoyment of all boys there was x-box and wii for them to play!

It was just nice to see all my family together for a change!

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