Monday, 13 August 2012

Street Parade 2012

Hanging around!
Me and Hannah
Bra Man!!
Cool Guys!!
Amiee, Khy and Linda
Cool Chicks!
Pink hair, straight hair
Flower float

Street parade has finished but it was lots of fun, we all started out having a BBQ at Hannah and Markus`s place to get us in the mood. Lots of beer, wine and prosecco is always a good idea and lots of great food too!

Then hopping on the bus and train we make our way to Zurich city and Bellevue in particular. To say it was busy would be a understatment, apparently this year around 950,000 party people visited.

We went right into the thick of it and watched the floats go, as usual there were lots of brilliant costumes. From completely covered up to completely uncovered, faces painted, bodies painted you name it more than likely we saw it!

Once over we somehow managed to go over the bridge where the second last photo was taken and go for some food. It was a great day, made even better because of the company!!

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