Wednesday, 29 August 2012

WWF Beaver Walk

It is hard to believe that September is just around the corner where has the year gone and so much has happened to me!

One of the things I wanted to do much more were hikes with Alessio but for some reason I have only managed to do this one (and it was really a walk).

Back in June we went to visit the Luca and Andrea, Alessio`s uncle and aunt, we drove to Tössegg where we started our walk. It is the WWF beaver trail lovely along the banks of the river Rhein, it is about 4km and takes 1.5hours.  Not easy animals to spot certainly in the wildlife, seen them in a zoo! There are 10 information boards about these shy animals, also hands on activities too and there is proof that they are around somewhere! Luckily it was just the right temperature for this walk, it had been raining with lots of fallen trees and logs.

We decided to get the boat back from Rüdlingen you can walk back on the other side, but it was nice to sit for the short while. Once back in Tössegg we had a picnic by the river and then drove back to their flat, it was a lovely morning.

Soon my parents will arrive and Alessio will turn 6 years old, so a busy two weeks coming up!

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