Friday, 21 September 2012

Ciutadella, Menorca

My last post on the summer holiday with my family in Menorca back in July, this is the city called Ciutadella in western Menorca. I went with my sister for the day, it was nice to spend some time with Elena without having the kids around us.

Ciutadella used to be the capital of the island but now that is Mahon, once we arrived we found a place for a coffee. It was as usual a hot day, not necessarily the best for walking around a city, once we finished our coffee we walked around the market.

Then down to the port, where we saw some lovely views, it is much smaller than Mahon but still very nice and we stopped for a drink. There were definitely lots of expensive and fancy looking boats to check out! We also browsed around the shops and we both bought some jewelry.

We headed back into the city to an area we had not seen before and bought something small to eat and sat in the square next to the fountain. We saw lots of old and new buildings, I liked the old yellow building with the prints on it.

Since all the shops closed in the afternoon we decided to head back to our resort, it was a nice day and we were pleased to have visited Ciutadella.

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