Monday, 17 September 2012

Lake Zurich Trail - Section 9 - Meilen to Küsnacht

For the last two years I have been doing the Lake Zurich Trail which is walking around the lake, in all honesty I should have finished last year, as I only had one more section to complete, this one. Lots of excuses were used too tired, not good weather and other stuff, but finally I completed it. The other good thing is that Alessio also did all the sections which is pretty dam good for a small kid.

My parents also did some of the sections and were with us for this one which starts in Meilen and finishs up in Küsnacht. I used to live in Küsnacht many moons ago when I was a nanny so it is always nice to visit it again.

The walk is 12,2km which should take 2.5hours, I think we were good with the timing probably a bit longer due to a few rests on the way admiring the views of the lake.

Luckily the weather was cooler than the hot weather we had been having, we saw lots of interesting buildings, houses, views and flowers. This walk takes you through 3 ravines, the Meilemer, the Erlenbacher and the Küsnachter Tobel.

Once we arrived in Küsnacht we walked to the centre and awarded yourselves with coffee and cake, then hopped on the train back to Meilen where I had left my car.

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