Monday, 15 October 2012

A Walk on a beach

Alessio and I have arrived back to Zurich from our 10 days in Scotland, we had a great time visiting lots of places, taking hikes and of course seeing our family.

The first Saturday we walked down to the beach at Broughty Ferry where my parents live, also with us was my sister Elena and her two boys Liam and Jamie. The sun was shining, even though it was quite cold and the boys enjoyed running along the beach, collecting stones and in Jamie`s case spotting a crab!

Along this area is the lifeboat which we saw in action the following saturday along with the helicopter, but I think it was a practice run!

Also long here is Broughty Ferry Castle which we have visited on numerous actions, here is a photo of it and next to the castle is an excellent playground. It was full of kids and the boys had a great time, eventually we got them away and into in the town for a coffee.

A great start to our holiday in Scotland!


  1. What a beautiful blue Scottish sky!!

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