Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mont Blanc

At the beginning of September when my parents were visiting we took a four day trip to Chamonix in France. One of the things we did was to take the cable car which is the highest in Europe, up to Aiguille du Midi which takes you to a whopping height of 3777m above sea level. Then you can hop in a lift which takes you up to the height of 3842m.

Once up we saw that a lot of people were walking up and going down with all the correct gear needed to do such a climb. You cannot actually go up to Mont Blanc unless you are prepared for a long and tiring hike.

Just to prove that we all went up to this height, then we headed off for a coffee and a sit down as we all felt somewhat light headed for a little while.

We were blessed with a glorious day for a trip so high in the sky. The views are of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps were just wonderful to look at, we could not get enough. There is cable car that takes you over the glacier du Géant to the Pointe Helbronner in  Italy and back again, this we did not do.

The zig-zag lines you see in the photos are people walking with up or down, it took us a while to realize this. It is really amazing to see this!

It is definitely worth going on this trip and if you get a wonderful weather you will have fantastic memories of your day.

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