Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Photo of the Week - Zurich Film Festival

The film festival has been finished for a while now, but with being busy and away on holiday only now I manage to put up a small post on the subject.

This was taken at the Frauenbadi which means swimming area only for women, there was the location for two different aperos. My friend and I were lucky that a friend of hers was invited to this apero and had two spare tickets. So off we went to the place which was decorated very nicely to get lots of free drinks and lovely food, unbeknown to me we were also going to the premiere of the new Til Schweiger ( a famous German actor) film called Schutengel. He was supposed to be there but sadly he was unable to make it so his producer came and spoke to the audience.

Still we had a great time and we could have continued with the partying with more free drinks but we both had to work early the next day.

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  1. Wow! I've always and will always love the Frauenbadi when it turns into the Barfussbar, but the pool looks especially awesome on your picture. Lucky you you could be there! And thanks for sharing, so we could be a bit there too ;-)