Friday, 26 October 2012

September Films and Books

During the September I saw only two films one of those being To Rome with Love. I enjoyed it very much and in general like Woody Allen films. It was nice to see bits of Rome, all the actors were good and it was quite funny.

The second film I saw was Magic Mike, I also liked this film (what was not to like).

I managed to read five books in September, The House at Sea`s End by Elly Griffith. This is like the fifth or fourth in a series of books about a Dr Ruth Galloway, who is a forensic archaeologist living in Norfolk. She helps the police, DI Nelson when needed with her special area of knowledge. I really like these books and managed to get two more, so I could find out what happened before to Ruth.

Then I read The Expats by Chris Pavone, I also enjoyed this, a spy thriller set mainly in Luxembourg, but also all over Europe.

Next came The Understudy by David Nichols, this was ok about a guy who is the understudy in a play and he falls for the wife of the lead actor.

Then another crime novel by Alex Gray called Never Somewhere Else, set in Glasgow it follows the team headed by DCI Lorimer and a psychologist called Solomon Brightman. Three women has been murdered and they have to find the killer.

Finally I read Body Surfing by Anita Shreve, lately I have read a few novels by her, I really enjoyed this book and finished it quite fast. It tells the story of Sydney who comes to New England to work for a family to tutor their daughter Julie. The sister has two older brothers and Sydney get involved with them and to figure out her own life.

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