Monday, 5 November 2012

Alyth Hill in Scotland

Taking a break!

Wind Turbines

Millennium Beacon

For the October holidays Alessio and I went to Scotland to visit my family and as always we try to do as much as possible weather permitting. This time we were lucky with the first 5 days being lovely and therefore on the Sunday we set off for a hike. Alessio was very happy to be with his cousins Jamie and Liam during this holiday.

We drove to the small village of Alyth in Perthshire parked the car and started our hike, passing the stone bridge in the first photo. The trail then rises quite steeply out of the village and up we went, stopping every now and then to catch our breath and take off a few layers of clothing.

The views of Strathmore and the Sidlaw hills are very impressive and we could see for miles. The summit is 966ft, only 300m so not very high. As a detour you could also climb the Hill of Loyal which we did not do. Once at the top we could see lots of wind turbines in the distance after a short break to take in the views, we walked down past the Alyth millennium beacon. Then back in the village along the burn that passes through the village and into a hotel for a coffee and yummy scones with clotted cream and jam.

A nice to way to end our short walk and then back home!

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