Sunday, 4 November 2012

Art and the City

Oscar Tuazon (A Lamp, 2012)

Not Vital (The No Problem Sculpture, 2012)

Paul MccCarthy (Apple Tree Boy, Apple Tree Girl, 2010)

Yona Friedman (Metropole Europe, 2012)

Thomas Houseago (Hands & Feet 111, 2011)

Alex Hanimann (Vanessa, 2012)

Arcangelo Sassolino (Elisa, 2012)

Vanessa Billy (Lifting the Earth. 2012)

Saadane Afif (Soap box of Schiffbauplatz, 2012)

Bettina Pousttchi (Aheads Only, 2012)

Subodh Gupta (Untitled, 2008)

Los Carpinteros (Catedrales. 2012)

During the summer months mid June to the end of September there was an project running called Art in the City, where dotted around areas of Zurich were pieces of Art. I decided to go and check out some of them, as you can see from the photos some were large works of Art and some were small ones.

Everyone has there own opinions of what they like and not like, what some people call art others do not think it is. I like the sculpture by Swiss Artist Alex Hanimann called Vanessa and the huge water bucket by Subodh Gupta also stands out. Some I found quite strange and was not sure what to think of them.

Also what was good about this project was that most of the art works were outdoors and everyone could look at them and that is was free too. I wish now I had gone and visited some more of the art works.

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  1. You managed to see a lot more than we did. Some strange and interesting objects there. I also liked the bucket and Aheads only was pretty cute.