Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Jucker Farm Again!

For the last two years I have gone to Jucker farm to see the pumpkin exhibition with Alessio, but this year I was unable to take Alessio. So I went with the children in my class, usually I have been on a Sunday and a sunny day. This time it was a Wednesday and a cold day, but lots less people than usual which was good with 14 kids around.

Jucker farm is situated in Seegräben(on Lake Pfàffikon) not reachable by train itself but a short (20mins) and pleasant walk from Aathal train station. There is hardly any parking at Jucker farm so most folk park at Aathal station and walk or sometimes there is a shuttle bus.

Each year there is theme for the exhibits and this year was the Olympics, I think the photos are self explanatory as to which sports they represent.

There is a playground, a giant haystack, a petting zoo, a old tractor and some hammocks which all our kids really enjoyed.

We all looked at the different variety of pumpkins, squashes and other strange looking but very colourful veg. As it was nearing Halloween we bought a pumpkin and saw four huge ones which had been entered into the competiton for the heaviest pumpkin.

There is lots of yummy food to eat, in the past I have had the pumpkin soup there is even pumpkin prosecco, have not tasted that yet!

On the 24/25th November it is the Christmas market at the farm, Alessio and I went last year, as predicted it was really busy but nice. Alessio and I will be there again, hopefully it will not rain, see you there!


  1. I agree, it is a must at this time of year. We went for the Pumpkin regatta this year and it was a real hoot!

  2. You have a lovely blog! I'm also an expat living in Switzerland and very enjoy going to the Jucker Farm during the Autumn season. Looking forward to reading more from you! :)


  3. I had wanted to go to the pumpkin regatta but did not manage it, but I am sure it was fun!