Friday, 30 November 2012

St.Andrews Cathedral

When I go back to Scotland for visits I always spend a day in St.Andrews, I lived here as a child and again as a young adult so it has lots of memories for me. Also my grandparents lived here too and I often visited them. Since today is St.Andrews Day, the patron saint of Scotland it seemed like a good idea to do a post on St.Andrews Cathedral.

We stopped by the Cathedral ruins as there is lots of space for Alessio to run around, there were quite a number of visitors in spite of the cold day.

St.Andrews Cathedral was the largest in Scotland, the building started around 1160 and in 1318 is was consecrated by Robert the Bruce. The large square tower you see in some of the photos is St.Rule Tower and if you want or able you can climb the 156 stairs and get a great view.

Even now with only ruins it is still impressive so I can only imagine how amazing it looked when it was completed.

Happy St.Andrews Day to you all!

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