Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Time in Zurich!

The bus to leave your christmas presents and do more shopping

Here you can make your own candles

Lindt & Springli Window at Paradapltz

Decoration in Sihlcity

It is nearly Christmas Day and over the last three weeks whenever I have been in Zurich I have been busy snapping away at lots of Christmas sights. I really love Christmas and the build up in Zurich is usually lovely.

It starts with the Santa parade at the end of November, then comes the 6th December which is St.Nikolas day when all the kids gets a bag full of goodies. Of course there are the many Christmas markets to visit all over Zurich and not to mention Switzerland and the rest of Europe. There is nothing better than standing in the cold and drinking Glühwein to warm yourself up!

There are lots of shows to see and on Saturday Alessio is going to Circus Conelli, never been myself but it is supposed to be good! Only for kids there is the Märli tram which Santa drives and there are angels telling stories, Alessio did not want to go this year!

Quite a lot of people have their birthdays in December (me included) and there are the usual Christmas celebrations to enjoy! This year Alessio and I stay in Zurich for the whole holidays, but we have a lot planned to keep us busy.

Enjoy the holidays this Christmas!

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