Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Photo of the Week - Our Christmas Tree

I am particularly proud of this Christmas tree as for the first time ever, I actually did everything! Alessio and I went just along the road to the place where they are selling the trees and bought a medium sized one.

We carried it home and settle it up, then came the fun part, deciding what decorations we would use. Alessio had chosen two decorations while out shopping and he put those up, he broke one or two ( well it happens). The colour theme is silver and red, once I untangled the lights and found out they did not work, I hot footed it to the city to buy new ones. It could do with more lights but nevermind, it will just have to do.

Then I put some presents under the tree, Alessio asked if Santa will bring more presents and then I thought oops better not to put out anymore, I guess he still believes in Santa!

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  1. It looks lovely and colourful. Well done to you and Alessio. Is he getting excited about Christmas?