Friday, 1 February 2013

U is for Uetliberg

On 2nd January Alessio and I took the train to the Uetliberg, this is the mountain right next to Zurich in the Albis chain. It is 873m high, we have been here many times but as the weather was great for the day after new year I thought lets go.

As usual it was busy, a mixture of tourists and locals, once up Alessio wanted to climb up the TV tower, so off we went. The reward is brilliant views of the whole area, the lake and surrounding areas.

We had a hot chocolate, they were selling drinks and food outside, but there is a great restaurant called Uto Klum.

Once up you can do the planet walk to Felsenegg, which I have done with Alessio and in winter. You can also walk up or down, we have walked down, not to the bottom but to at least 3 stations down.

Just started is the Kino am Berg, which means cinema on the mountain from 1st feb to 3rd march, they show a film and you eat fondue! Sounds really good to be honest, but you have to be quick tickets go really fast!

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