Saturday, 9 February 2013

Winter Scenes

The snow has come and gone over these winter months but it has been here with a vengeance for the last week. Do not get me wrong I like the snow but after a while I am quite happy when it goes, it was lovely to see everything covered.

On Thursday we went walking with the kids from work, it was lovely to see the area all full of snow. I walk here nearly every week, but I never tire from seeing the same place again and again. The Au peninsula is always a great place to walk, the kids had so much fun with the snow. From throwing snowballs to sliding down and rolling around it was all fun!

There is always lots of people walking in all types of weather and when the weather is warmer it is just nice to sit and enjoy the view.

I am glad to be taking photos again, having had my camera stolen while I was in Munich, I realise that I usually take lots of photos. I another reason that I am happy to have bought another one is that when I am in Hong Kong there will be lots of photos taken!

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