Sunday, 10 March 2013

Afternoon Tea in Hong Kong

I have only once before had afternoon tea and that was last year in Dublin, it was delicious! So I just had to have afternoon tea again while I was in Hong Kong, lots of the big hotels offer it so it was a matter of picking the right hotel.

In the end we decided on the Grand Hyatt in Wan Chai, we sat in the lounge listening to piano music. The food arrived and it looked amazing, then we were also told that there was a dessert buffet. It consisted of ice cream and ice cream cakes, to be honest I was full after finishing the sandwiches and pastries, but went and got some yummy ice cream.

The afternoon tea at the Grand Hyatt cost just over 500HK which is around 65ch for the both of us. Afterwards a long walked was needed after consuming all those calories, and no more eating for the whole evening.

I am a big fan of afternoon tea now and hopefully will go with my sister when we are in Edinburgh in April for the weekend.

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