Monday, 25 March 2013

Hike from Forch to Meilen

Forch War Memorial

This hike was from Forch to Meilen which is 11km, to get there we went via the Pfannenstiel, the highest point is 853m.

A lovely winter sunny day we took the train to Forch once we arrived I found the hiking signs for our destination and off we went!

In the distance we saw the Forch War Memorial which honors all the soldiers that died in the World War I & II. From here it was through the forest until we reached an area full of people sledging, cross country skiing and walking. Back through the forest until we reached the Pfannenstiel tower which is here since 1992 and 30m high with great views of Lake Zurich and further afield.

We didn`t climb it but stopped in the restaurant Hochwacht for some refreshment, then carried on our journey which took us to Toggwil. From there we walked through the Meilen ravine which was amazing to see, full of large icicles, winding paths, lots of bridges and waterfalls.

We reached the Friedburg ruins, there is hardly anything left of it to be honest, possibly from around 1200. Then we walked down into Meilen, from there we caught the ferry over to Horgen and back home.

It was a lovely hike on such a sunny, look forward to more hikes when the Spring weather finally arrives and stays.

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