Monday, 4 March 2013

In and around Hong Kong

Traveling around Hong Kong is very easy and simple, the best way is to buy an Octopus card which costs 50HK as a deposit. It is very similar to the Oyster card used in London, I found it a great way to travel around. You can use it on most types of transport even on, The Peak tram which takes you up to the highest point in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak.

The double decker trams looked very cool, we never actually used then, the metro system is good and easy to understand. The Star Ferry which goes back and forth between HK island and Kowloon is one of the best ways to go as you have the best views of Victoria harbour, and of course the night views are amazing.

The main thing is that all the transport is quite cheap, especially if you come from Switzerland! Even the taxis were good value and using the card saves you with fumbling around trying to get small change.

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