Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Photo of the Week - Din Sum!

One evening we went to the restaurant Din Tai Fung which luckily was near to our hotel around Times Square in Causeway Bay. The recommendation was from Mariette who had eaten there and said it was good. As Arlene and myself had no clue we decided to go there and it was a good choice, we got there around 6.30pm and got seated. Then we looked at the menu for a while and decided to go for dim sum with chicken and with shrimp. For dessert we tried dim sum with red bean paste and black sesame seeds, I liked the red bean paste that was delicious.

Dim sum are small sized portions brought in a steam basket, you make a hole to let the water out otherwise you burn your mouth, then dip it into the soy sauce. I did manage to eat with chopsticks, we also ordered rice and noodles. As we left you can see all the chefs busy are work making the different parts to the dim sums, such as rolling out the pastry, filling it and cooking it, it was really interesting to see. The queues to get into this restaurant were huge so we made a good decision to come here early.

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