Monday, 22 April 2013

Parisian Life Part 1

In Victor Hugo House

Enjoying a quiet moment!

Amazing old door

Getting ready for a performance

Books galore!

Time flies and already is has been a month since I went to Paris with Aimee, it was great weekend. On the Saturday we did lots of walking and after enjoying breakfast in cool cafe we headed to Place des Vosges. It is the oldest planned square in Paris, we walked around the whole square under the arched walkway. There are lots of shops and galleries, it is here that we visited the house and museum of Victor Hugo. It is really a beautiful square to see!

From there we found yourselves heading to the river Seine and to see Notre Dame Cathedral, even though we had both seen this amazing cathedral a few times.

Then we walked in the direction of the book shop Shakespeare & Company, which seems to be quite well know in Paris. It has a selection of used books as well as normal priced ones. it was very busy as you can see in the photo. Apparently there is a sign that says please do not take photos, but everyone was taking photos and it is a great shop, so why not!

We headed up to the Place de la Sorbonne, stopped for food and drink then continued on our way to the wonderful jardin du Luxembourg which I will tell you about in the next post.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Visit to a Zoo

The trip to Walter Zoo with Alessio and my friend Aimee and her kids Noah and Lily took place on Good Friday which was 29th March. As you can see from one of the photos it was freezing cold, snowing, something that we are used too even now in the middle of April.

Walter zoo is in Gossau near to St.Gallen, we went there with the train and a bus takes you right to the zoo. There are lots of animals to look at and for me I liked to see the Siberian tigers, the first time they were busy eating and then they were having a nap. Tigers are beautiful animals although not sure if they should be kept in small enclosures.

Alessio and Noah enjoyed stroking the goats, I was quite surprised that Alessio wanted to do this, the kids also loved watching the chimpanzees swinging around and two were have a fight together!

There is also a show which runs for about one hour, sort of like a panto but with some animals. It is free but you are asked to give some money for it.

All in all it is a good day out, especially on a sunny day, there are lots of places for grilling and having a picnic.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Photo of the Week - Big Bug

This big fellow was seen while we were walking around Victoria Park in Hong Kong, I can assure you it was big. Not being a fan of insects, we both screamed a little and walked around it, not knowing what it is, we decided it was a grasshopper. More than likely it is not, but anyway glad I do not see big bugs like that in Switzerland!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Hong Kong Views

Back to Hong Kong for another post and this time I thought I would show you all some beautiful views. Hong Kong certainly offers the visitor many cracking views, like the top of Victoria Peak, all those skyscrapers and the harbour. I would really have liked to have seen this view at night time with a clear sky, it must be amazing.

Then we have the view looking at Central from Tsim Sha Tsui again the skyscrapers, this time all lit up. I like the first night photo as you see the lights in the water shining!

I was lucky to see the other side of Hong Kong Island, thanks to Mariette who drove me to Stanley Bay where stopped for a short break and then we drove to Repluse Bay. Photos 6&7 are taken from a roop top swimming pool, just wonderful to have that view, sipping your cocktails in the evening.

Finally in Central standing on a walk way over the roads taking in the financial centre buildings.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Paris Words

As already mentioned I love Paris, for me it is just a wonderful city full of art, history, love and culture. During the short time Aimee and I spent in Paris we saw lots and I know what I want to see the next time I go!

If I spent only my time photographing just words around this city I would still be there so here are just 15 photos of different things. Soon I am off back to Scotland to visit my parents, my sister and her family, and part of that is a weekend in Edinburgh with my lovely sister.

Hope you are all having finally some nice spring weather!