Friday, 5 April 2013

Nan Lian Gardens and Chi Lin Nunnery

We travelled to Kowloon and to the area of Diamond Hill to visit the tranquil and beautiful Nan Lian Gardens and Chi Lin Nunnery.

First we visited the gardens, it is very near to the metro station and surrounded by high rise buildings but the place is still very quiet and serene. It is built in the Tang dynasty style and has different buildings, a pavilion, a lovely bright orange bridge, ponds, lots of plants and a rockery, it covers 3.5 hectares. There is a vegetarian restaurant if you feel hungry and a gift shop which had lots of lovely stuff.

Then we went to the Chi Lin Nunnery which is interconnected to the gardens, this is also from the Tang dynasty. It is large temple complex featuring different halls and statues, and has the most beautiful lotus pond I have ever seen. It was very pleasant just to sit and take in all the surrounding details of the plants and buildings.

After all the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong streets it was great to come here and have a bit of a quiet time.

Enjoy the weekend!

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