Sunday, 12 May 2013

On the Rigi

Back in March when we had a lovely sunny and blue skies day I decided to do a day trip with Alessio so we went to the Mt Rigi.

Mt Rigi is in central Switzerland and it sometimes known as "Queen of the Mountains" we got there by way of the mountain cog railway at Arth-Goldau. It has a height of 1,797m and on that day we had really great views all around. You can see around 13 lakes and have views into the Alps, in the distance we saw Lucern and its lake. Right at the summit it was very windy and cold, but we found a sheltered area it was really lovely and warm.

Instead of taking the train all the way back down we decided to walk some of the way. We saw lots of fellow hikers and it certainly was a lovely walk. Eventually Alessio decided he had had enough of walking and wanted to stop for some refreshments, therefore we went to Hotel Klösterli. We were lucky as the next day is was closing for holidays.

As the train station was right there we waited for the next train down, before that we visited the lovely church. I was quite surprised at how decorative it looked.

Instead of going to the Rigi summit there is a cable car that takes you to Rigi- Scheidegg, which is 1,665m. Maybe Alessio and I will do that one too!

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